YCKG only services locksmiths and key vendors. If you are not a car key professional, your order will be cancelled. Please call 931-451-7881 with any questions.

More than just key retailers - What else does YCKG do?

Image shows car keys laid out with "What else does YCKG do?" in the middle.

McKayla McCoy |

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy, unlock, refurbish and sell your unwanted keys all in one place?

Well, look no further! Your Car Key Guys strives to be your one-stop shop for all your car key needs! Our goal is to fully service the Locksmith and Key Vendor community any way we can. Starting this year, we are honing in on the extra services that it takes to get your keys “customer-ready”. This includes our new services: Unlocking/Refurbishment and Key Buyback.

Thinking, “wow! Just what I have been looking for! But…how do I get started?” 

Don’t fret - our team has worked diligently to make the process for both services easy as 1-2-3!

If you are needing some keys unlocked and refurbished, just submit your request on our website under the tab “Unlock/Refurb”. From there our team will reach out for further confirmation. All you gotta do is send in your keys and we will handle the rest! 

Ready to sell some keys and get some BANG for your buck? Submit your request on our website under the tab “Key Buyback”. Again, our team will reach out for further confirmation and quotation. You send ‘em in, we pay YOU! Both of these services now have their own special drop down in our navigation panel at the top of our website under “YCKG Services”. Looking for more in depth details? Head there for all the 411!

We at Your Car Key Guys want to thank you for allowing us to serve this community and helping us to grow and, in turn, better serve YOU! We are forever grateful and excited for the next steps these services will bring. YCKG hopes they will bring ease and peace-of-mind to your day-to-day life!

So, what are you waiting for?! Start mailing those keys today!

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