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Key Unlocking Services

We have the ability to unlock a variety of current keys for many makes and models. Our list of circuit boards that we are able to service is constantly expanding as our engineers continue to develop new keys entering the industry. Once our unlocking department receives the package of keys to unlock, they will sort them on a workbench to identify each key and begin servicing them. The keys will be bagged up with a fitment sticker that will provide FCC information and compatibility so that you know what they are able to be programmed to. If you have any questions, call in and ask for our unlocking department.  

View Unlocking Ability and Prices Below

All of the keys that we currently have the ability to service can be viewed in this PDF link.

The PDF link will be updated occasionally whenever new keys are serviced in house.

In your box along with the keys, include the downloadable intake form which includes contact information for you.

Please send all packages addressed exactly as so.

Minimum 10 keys required for unlocking.

Your Car Key Guys
ATTN: Unlocking Dept
3710 John Lunn Road
Suite 10
Spring Hill, TN 37174