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Unlock Keys


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Programmed to a 2020 jeep gladiator. Programmed and works

Worked Perfectly

Worked perfectly. Be sure to verify part number before programming. If you’re not a locksmith, save yourself the trouble of ordering the wrong part and have them order it for you.

Key did not work

Took the key into a locksmith who had techstream, then try to couple YouTube techniques, and could not get it to program

The trunk is not working

Just turn car on and lock and unlock
Button working
The till gate not working at all


This Infiniti key fob not only looked great, but programmed in perfectly.
We are very happy with Your Car Key Guys

Works great

Good service

Good service

Good service

Unfortunately my SmartPro scanner not able to program 2022 Honda Civic smartkey yet.

No comments for now until SmartPro have a software for 2022 Civic


key like new, fast shipping and welcome gift inside the package. All perfect

Great condition!! like New!! programmed right in!!

Great condition!! like New!! programmed right in!!

These are awesome!

It is so nice not having to search from a huge grouping of part numbers. You just have to work from that basic knowledge of FCC ID and button pattern.


Worked perfect for my 2018 phev. Locksmith said it programmed super easy first try. Saved a ton of money over the dealer's price. Thanks!

Broken key

I received a defective key with missing side panel. Customer service is not getting back to me so far. :(

Iryna, I am sorry about your defective key. I can assure you we do not take that lightly and we will reach out to you very soon to figure out what is happening as I do not see any contact requests from you here. Thank you.

2017-2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia | Stelvio 5B Smart Key KR5ALFA434

Thank you. Purchase and shipment to Poland carried out quickly and professionally. Regards.

2023 Toyota Camry fob

So far so good…received the fob in just a short time and had it programmed at the dealer. Fob is working great and we have an extra for long trips.

Ram Fobiks

Like new, less expensive. I can pass that cost reduction on to the end user! Makes me look good.

Awesome key fob

Toyota was going to charge me $290 for a fob then $80 to program. I got the fob for $85 and still paid for programming. That saved us more than $200 n the fob was in great condition and works perfectly.

Very satisfied! Great price for an OEM key!

I almost went with a seller on eBay who had the lowest priced OEM keys I could find, but luckily I stumbled across this site. These guys had the OEM key I needed for my 2012 Volkswagen Jetta at about half the price ($25 at time of purchase). The most difficult part of going this route and buying your own key is finding a locksmith that both has the tools and the expertise needed to cut and program newer Volkswagen keys. I first took this key to a highly rated local locksmith company who advertised the ability to cut and program Volkswagen keys (although they had no reviews from anyone specifically stating they’d successfully had a VW key duplicated by them). After an improper cut of my key blade, I was stuck waiting a few days for them to order in some replacement blades. Upon returning, they were still unable to properly cut the key. They sent me off with a new blade (that ended up being too short) and I luckily found another local shop that had actual experience with VW keys who were able to get me a proper blade and correctly cut and program the key/immobilizer for all functions of the key to work the same as my original. Overall, it was a bit of a hassle (due only as a result of the first locksmith) over just paying the dealer the ~$330 (quoted $165 for pre-cut key and $165 for programming), but all in all I got a duplicate key made for half the price the dealer quoted ($140 for cut/programming and $29 for the key (after shipping)). I’m glad to finally have a spare key for my VW. I highly recommend YourCarKeyGuys for their incredibly low pricing and will definitely use them for my car key needs in the future.

Excellent Company

The key fob came on time. It worked seamlessly.

Didnt work.

I've done this customers car (AKL) in October last year. That key went through the wash. The insert key programmed fine, prox portion would not go even with a new battery.

Sorry about that Steve, we would love the opportunity to correct the issue for you. Someone will reach out to you shortly on figuring out what happened and to get it straightened out. Thank you.


This key and all the other keys we have bought from Your Car Key Guys have been in excellent shape. I am so glad we found you guys! Anytime I am looking for keys to buy, this is the first place I click on. If you don't have it is only when I shop elsewhere. Very Satisfied customer here!!!


Got this on time and it worked for my customer’s 2020 Ram 2500

Acura prox

This was a good quality prox. It was used but worked like new.

Dealership? No way!

This OEM key fob ($40) was $180 cheaper than what the dealership had quoted me, and that didn’t include programming. So glad I found this company.