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Sell Us Your Keys

Did you know your used car keys are worth money? We are a top paying buyer for ALL original car keys and remotes. A Car Key Guy can assist you with quoting you out on any quantity of keys you have laying around to get rid of. We pay from $10 up to $75 on specific smart keys, remote head keys and remotes!

To get a quote, please visit our contact us page and fill out a quick form with a phone number so a team member can get in touch with you.

What do we do with them? Our team refurbishes the keys so that they can be recut and programmed to cars all across the nation. We bring jobs and savings to small business locksmith companies, and drivers who lose their keys or need a second key! This is an important element of the key world circle to establish reliable stable pricing on key recycling and refurbished products.

Many of our clients include automotive dealerships, rental agencies and dismantling facilities.